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How to message other users on this forum

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How to message other users on this forum

Post by Demsaydemsay »

If using desktop all you have to do is click on the contact icon beside the selected users comment. Then click on message the contact and type your message.. What's more? You can even add more recipients to the list.

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Re: How to message other users on this forum

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1. Click on the nickname of the user you wish to communicate with. It will open his or her profile
2, Somewhere on the screen (the position depends on if you are using a mobile phone, tablet or computer) locate:

PM - Send private message - This will send a private message through the forum. At the recipient's end, PRIVATE MESSAGES link on top of the screen will appear red to indicate there are some new, unread messages.

E-Mail address - Send e-mail to (this will not reveal recipient's address. E-mail will be sent through the forum. If you wish to receive a reply through your mailbox, you are adviced to send your address too)

In both private messages and e-mail messages, you can continue the conversation there by replying to each other. Please also keep in mind that you can send private messages message to more than one recipient at once. Do not use this for spamming and read the note below.

Please be aware that sending unsolicited messages of any kind, and especially spamming user mailboxes and private message boxes is against the forum rules. Violating this can and will result in the temporary or permanent ban of the offending user.

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