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Land for sale in Lagos

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Land for sale in Lagos

Post by lapoza »

Land is the only commodity that always appreciates so I advice YOU to seize this opportunity and purchase a land in the fast developing Ibeju-Lekki, all our estates have genuine titles,are free from govt acquisition and omo-onile wahala. Buy into this idea and see ask your expectations pertaining to real estate met.

We have estates in Sangotedo,Ajah,Awoyaya,Eluju,Lakowe,Eleranigbe and the free trade zone area ranging from 700,000 to 13.5million naira per plot.

Call us today ,state your budget, the area you want a land,what you want to use it for and we will definitely give u what you want.

The numbers to call are Call 8092724970 8092724970 or Call 8158961762 8158961762... Stay blessed


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