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I need a good bitcoin miner app

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I need a good bitcoin miner app

Post by lapoza »

Can anyone with info kindly suggest or recommend a great bitcoin miners app to me?

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Re: I need a good bitcoin miner app

Post by ogamadam »

Pls be careful of scammers. Mining bitcoin is a very unique business. Do not fall for anyone that claims they have the secret to bitcoin mining

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Re: I need a good bitcoin miner app

Post by TheTenthMan »

I will advise you visit Youtube on this.

There are a lot of content on this matter there. Many people have offered professional advice there.

Try YouTube for videos which compares various mining apps. Then make a choice based on personal preference.

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Post by Jozzyrith »

If you are married
You can fund your spouse roth ira too 6000
Don’t matter if they work or not


60006000= 12,000

This is already hard for alot of people

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