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Welcome new members

About us and what we stand for
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Welcome new members

Post by ogamadam »

8-) Hello there, welcome to mygistroom. On mygistroom, we aim to creat a very comfortable arena for you to share your views, share latest news, comment your opinion on other posts and maybe if you are a consistent member, have your very own special room where you share great memories and info with like minds. Who knows? We might even support you to make your room generate income for you if it is so highly sought after and motivating (wink) There is a lot of great incentives in th epipeline for our most active and consistent members. The goal is to make mygistroom a village in its own right.
So pls go ahead, creat new posts, comment on previous posts, invite friends to be a part of our community. All members are dear and important to us.
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