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Osun state commences School-on-air

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Osun state commences School-on-air

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The Osun State Government has announced the commencement of School-on-air for primary and
secondary school students of the State.

In a statement by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, Mr. Jamiu Olawumi on
Monday stated that the on-air education programme is to complement teaching and learning in the state.

Jamiu said school on-air runs Monday through Friday on OSBC radio 104.5fm and Yoruba class on orisun 89.5fm and television and on www.osun.csm.ng

His words: “It is important to stress that students shall have opportunities to visit the website to further attend the various classes to the session on radio and television to take the assignment, submit assignments and obtain the mark scored instantly.

“Parents and guardians are encouraged to allow their wards access to their mobile phones in logging into their individual school websites already captured into
the cloud system www.osun.csm.ng

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